Act Social: “Improv” Yourself

“Improvisation. You’ve seen it on TV as improv comedy. You’ve seen it if you’ve ever been to a jazz show. You’ve seen it if you’ve ever gone ballroom or social dancing. Improvisation is something that takes skill; it clearly takes skill to improvise well. Skill means to study the art form or situations in which you are improvising, whether you’re a public speaker or Navy SEAL. The more studied, the more prepared you are, the better you can improvise. So we are going to show that life is the ultimate improvisation, however, most of us are ill-prepared. So how can we learn the skills of improvisation better in order to live better lives? That’s this movie. That’s what it’s about.”



The principles of improv lead to hilarious comedy but they have also been shown to lead to peaceful resolutions of extremely difficult and even life-threatening conflicts.

We are making a feature-length documentary film where we convince international leaders to give improv a try.

This film will document the work of improv conflict resolution practitioners and drama therapists, giving audiences a never-before-seen look at the possibilities improv can bring to real life.


We are so grateful to have a task force of improvisers and therapists who will head to Capitol Hill to convince politicians to try to “improvise to compromise.”

Our team is led by filmmaker Sean A. Mulvihill.  The cast is highlighted by famed improviser Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line is it, Anyway?”,psychologist Barbara Tint, and several leading improv instructors.

Improvisation principles have been shown to be successful in:

Couples’ counseling
Support groups
Refugee communities
and diplomatic negotiations

Isn’t it time we all gave improv a try?


We’ve already got some great footage…soon we’ll be asking for your financial support to finish this film.